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I have been married for 20+ years. We have twins and triplets.

Friday, June 24, 2005


Today we went to Wal*Mart and got some t shirts and paints. Each of the children painted a letter on their shirt to welcome home Daddy.

After we painted we all took a nap because Daddy's flight was not in till 8:06

The shirts were dry when we woke and the kids got their jammies on and put their T shirt on over them. Then we were off to the Airport. It took about 70 min to get there and the traffic was good.

When we arrived the airport was closed and all the people were outside because of some security issue. It was not long before they opened back up and we got to go in. We went up the escalator to the moving walkway. The kids love to go on it. We got to the other end and went down the escalator and found out Daddys flight was ON TIME We went over to his gate and waited a few min and then there he was coming down the escalator. All the kids ran over and covered Daddy in hugs and kisses. The other guys getting off with him were looking at our children with smiles on their faces. As we were walking out a few Mommy's commented on how cute the T shirts were and what a cute idea it was. I shared that they could do it also if they had a few more children ;)

Thursday, June 23, 2005

Kindergarten picture is in!

We have Katherine and Jennifer's Kindergarten picture
They both made front row!

We almost had a pet dog

Today a cute little Boston Terrier came into our yard. She was a nice looking pup. We thought at first the pup was our neighbors but after seeing she was a she we knew she was not "Jack".
We walked her around the neighborhood up one block over two blocks and back around another. No one knew her.
I called Animal control and the guy said if I turn her in they will give her her shots, keep her only so long and then they would put her down. If I chose to hold her I would be fined for harboring an unlicensed (no tags) dog. If we turned her in to them and her owners come to claim her they would be fined, have to pay her boarding fee & shots fee. We have strict laws her in our town. I felt bad for the dog.
We had her from about noon till 4:30 and I called animal control back. They said they did not have anyone to come get her and (strange as this sounds) I would have to keep her till the morning. I agreed. I fed her borrowed food and gave her plenty of water. About 45 min later as we sat in our front yard playing with her a boy came up and said "come Casey" and she happily ran to her owner. I was so happy they found us/her.
I called back animal control and told them her owner came and found her. They wanted the owners name! I did not know it (thankfully). About 20 min after that the boy returned with his Mother and she thanked us for holding her dog.

The final VCUG

Jennifer went in today for her VCUG.
She did amazingly well.
We were seen much quicker then it took for Katherine to be seen yesterday. We were in at 10:00 and out by 11:30 The Dr said at initial exam her bladder/kidneys look good and she has no concern. She will send a report to the Pedi in the next few days.
The Nurse today was VERY nice. She gave Jennifer a stuffed animal and when she found out that two of her sisters and her brother did not get one at their VCUG exam she went and got 3 more for Jennifer to give to them when she got home.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Well I stayed very nice but the nurses knew I was more then a little annoyed.

Short version:
The appointment was for 10:00 and at 11:35 a nurse came into the x ray room asking me if we would like some paper and crayons so that Katherine could draw. I said "I would rather have the Dr here so that we could get this procedure over with."

Long version:
Bumpa came over to watch the other 4 and Katherine and I left for the Hospital at about 9:40

At 10:00 we got to the Hospital and signed in
At about 10:15 they called us to the registration desk
We sat till about 10:30 outside x ray. Then a nurse came and gave us a little johnny for Katherine to change into but told us we had to wait because her room was not open yet. Katherine said she had to go potty but the nurse asked her to wait please.
At 10:45 they finally called us in and the nurse told Katherine what was going to happen. Katherine got pretty upset and visibly scared. The nurse was nice and gave Katherine a cow Ty beeny and we had the first x ray.

Then the waiting began...............

The nurse came back in at 11:35 asking if we wanted some crayons and I said that I would rather have the Dr here so that we could get this procedure over with. She went and got a higher up nurse (or maybe she held some other title) and she said that all the Drs were busy and if we wantred we could reschedule for tomorrow or another day. I calmly shared that the appointment was scheduled for 10 and it was now 11:35. I also shared that Katherine has already been explained to what was going to happen and it would not be good for her to have to go through this kind of stress and wait again. She then responded "well I did not get her paperwork till 10:27" I had no verbal reply for her. I would have been to rude if I said what I was thinking.
At about 11:45 the Dr came in and he was very nice and went over again what was going to happen. The Pedi nurses were called in and they placed the catheter in. Katherine did pretty well. It only took myself and two other nurses to hold her still while another did the catheter. The x rays went quick and the Dr said that everything looked great and he had no concerns.

Now we just need to do this 1 more time. Jennifers turn is tomorrow. 4 down 1 to go

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

1st Day of Summer Last day of Kindergarten

Today is the first day of Summer. It is also Katherine and Jennifers last day of Kindergarten.
They have been promoted to the 1st grade. They met their new Teacher today and both like her very much.

They got their report cards and both need help with reading so they will be attending Summer School on Tue-Wed-Thur for a few hours each day for 5 weeks. They are excited about this. My Dad (Bumpa) will be picking them up from school on Wednesdays because I will be busy with my Mom2Mom study group.

This was my first entry. I hope I can keep up with it so that friends and Family will be able to be kept up with our Family.

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