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Thursday, June 23, 2005

We almost had a pet dog

Today a cute little Boston Terrier came into our yard. She was a nice looking pup. We thought at first the pup was our neighbors but after seeing she was a she we knew she was not "Jack".
We walked her around the neighborhood up one block over two blocks and back around another. No one knew her.
I called Animal control and the guy said if I turn her in they will give her her shots, keep her only so long and then they would put her down. If I chose to hold her I would be fined for harboring an unlicensed (no tags) dog. If we turned her in to them and her owners come to claim her they would be fined, have to pay her boarding fee & shots fee. We have strict laws her in our town. I felt bad for the dog.
We had her from about noon till 4:30 and I called animal control back. They said they did not have anyone to come get her and (strange as this sounds) I would have to keep her till the morning. I agreed. I fed her borrowed food and gave her plenty of water. About 45 min later as we sat in our front yard playing with her a boy came up and said "come Casey" and she happily ran to her owner. I was so happy they found us/her.
I called back animal control and told them her owner came and found her. They wanted the owners name! I did not know it (thankfully). About 20 min after that the boy returned with his Mother and she thanked us for holding her dog.


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