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Thursday, June 23, 2005

The final VCUG

Jennifer went in today for her VCUG.
She did amazingly well.
We were seen much quicker then it took for Katherine to be seen yesterday. We were in at 10:00 and out by 11:30 The Dr said at initial exam her bladder/kidneys look good and she has no concern. She will send a report to the Pedi in the next few days.
The Nurse today was VERY nice. She gave Jennifer a stuffed animal and when she found out that two of her sisters and her brother did not get one at their VCUG exam she went and got 3 more for Jennifer to give to them when she got home.


Blogger Marilyn said...

I'm so glad her appt went well. What a great nurse...was she the same one as before?

1:07 AM  

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