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Monday, February 09, 2009

no longer working overnight!!

Last month work announced that they are stopping the overnight shift. I have been working 10:00 pm to 6:30 am. 5 nights a week for a little over 2 years. They offered everyone a new shift doing the same job. First concern was what will we do in the summer? Over the last 2 years of me doing overnight this was not a concern because even though I was working full time I was able to be here for the children when they were on summer vacation. Thankfully after talking to my Dad he said that he would come over in the summer two mornings a week before Daddy went to work and stay with the children till I came home.  
Second concern was - During a meeting with my boss he said that if I was only going to be doing 4 days he wanted 2 of them to be Sunday and Tuesday. Of course I was upset because they wanted me to have Sunday included in my 4 days. I brought this up to several friends and we all prayed about it. I never told my boss that I was upset about not being able to attend church with my family on Sunday. A few days later my boss told me that my Sunday shift was only going to be 5 hours long (4 am to 9 am) Now I will be able to attend church with my family. 
My other two days would have be Mon., Wed or Fri. I do childcare at a Church for a Mom 2 Mom Bible study on Wed. so that day is out. Mark is home on Mondays so he can be here for the children that day so My dad can be here on 2 days and they will be Tue and Fri. So my new schedule will be S, M, T, F. I am really liking this new schedule.
This is our teams first week. It has been interesting these first two days so far. I was so tired the first morning but this morning was much better. One more day then I have 2 days off.
God is good. I was concerned that this new shift would not work for our family but we now think it will. Especially with me not having to do an 8 hour shift on Sunday and my Dad helping us out in the summer.


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