Location: New England

I have been married for 20+ years. We have twins and triplets.

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

My boy has and eye for detail

Daniel just came in and interrupted a nice moment I was having with Stephanie. Stephanie was telling me how she wanted to always be close to me even when she is older.

Daniel then jumped in and said "I want you to live with me and the woman I am going to marry!"
I said "Daniel that is a long time off"
He said "I know but when I marry the woman from the magazine at the dentist with the flower on her hand, with a drink, she has hair that’s golden and really long and a red dress but I don't know what kind of shoes she was wearing. You can live with us then!"

WOW! What an eye for detail. What am I going to do with this boy!? I love him so much.

Sunday, September 18, 2005

Celebrating Aunty Lorna's Birthday

Today we went over to Uncle Everett and Aunty Lorna's home to celebrate her 29th Birthday. Uncle Everett made Lasagna, meatballs and ham. It was all yummy.

After eating Aunty Lorna cut her Birthday cake and we all sang Happy Birthday to her, then she opened her gifts.

We went outside and talked in the back yard while the children ran around and played. Later the children watched the movie The Incredibles while the adults played a game of 45s.

It was a fun day.

Saturday, September 17, 2005

it's such a dirty job

But somebody has to play in the MUD.
Today I found Christina playing in the back yard with rain water and some dirt. I wanted to allow her and the others to play and have fun so I got them some soil we had for the garden and a nice big container of water.
It was messy but they all had so much FUN! .

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

my sweet worried boy

We jus got off the phone with Grampy. Daniel insisted that I call him on the phone.

We were watching the news and they were talking about Hurricane Ophelia hitting land in NC. Well, I did not even know Daniel remembered Grampy lives in NC. let alone know what a Hurricane could do. But with what happened in N.O. Louisiana and it being all over the news how could he not.

Well, he insisted we call Grampy and then Stephanie & Christina did also because they wanted to make sure he is going to stay inside and not let Mouse (their Dog) outside or "he will blow away".

I called and let Daniel talk right away. Grampy and Daniel talked (on our speaker phone) and Grampy told Daniel that he is 3500 mi inland and that he is safe and okay. Daniel still insisted that he stay inside and then he said "You have to get nails and boards and put them on your windows!" Both Grampy and I laughed. I was shocked that he knew this and wanted to make sure Grampy knew to do this also. What a sweet loving concerned little boy I have.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

1st day of 1st grade

Katherine and Jennifer had a wonderful 1st day of 1st grade. They both wanted to wear a dress (Katherine insisted that she wear all pink).
We all got up on time and had breakfast. The girls wanted to leave for the bus stop at 7:00 am but that would have been just a little to long to wait for a bus that is not going to be there till 8:00 am.
Here are a few pictures from them in line for the bus and getting on.

Stephanie, Daniel, Christina and I had a fun day. We went to the park and played. When we got back our whole area was out of power for about 4 hours so lunch was yogurt and cereal bars but it was yummy. We went for a walk to see if we could find out why we had no power and found out that some City workers two blocks down and two blocks over accidentally cut the wire.

The girls did very well on their first day of first grade. No real homework this week. The Teacher said that will start next week. They did have some reading words sent home that the Teacher would like them to learn by sight rather than sounding them out. We practiced them and they already know quite a few of them by sight.

Here is a picture of them back home after their first day

Monday, September 05, 2005

none of us are ready

It is 8:30 the time the girls usually go to bed but, they have been in bed for 45 min already.
At about 7:30 Katherine said "I'm going to bed". I told her she had to take her pill first so she went and got her water and med. She stood in front of me and said "I feel like I have butterflies in my belly" I guess she is not ready either.
After she took her med she, Jennifer and I talked. Jennifer said "I am scared of 1st grade" I asked "why?" and she said "I don't know" I thought you were supposed to be scared of 1st grade. I told them I think it will be exciting a fun but inside I am scared also. My babies are going to be in 1st grade.