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I have been married for 20+ years. We have twins and triplets.

Monday, August 01, 2005

Happy Anniversary to us

Today is our 13th Wedding anniversary.

We decided to go out to dinner as a Family to a nice restaurant. We took my Dad along also. The food was very good. The only problem was when I was followed into the bathroom.

Stephanie was in one of her moods and whined about everything from the seeds on her bread crust to her not being able to count the hanging chandeliers before her sister.
I told her that if she could not stop we would have to leave the table. Well she then decided that Jennifer should not have her foot resting on the leg of the table and she started whining and screaming again. I told her we were leaving the table and going in the bathroom for a minute. She grabbed the chair and would not let go. Then after I got her off that I carried her toward the bathroom. She then whacked at the “Please wait to be seated” sign and just about knocked it down. We went into the bathroom and straight to the last stall (the BIG one with space in it) I set her down and turned her face to the wall saying to her that I will not accept this behavior and she will have to stay right there while Mommy breaths for a few Minutes. I told her to keep her face at the corner and I walked out of the last stall only to find a server (waitress) standing right outside that stall. She shocked me and when I said “Oh I did not see you in here” she turned and looked into the mirror above the sinks. She is the one that was standing at the “wait to be seated” sign so I know she was not in the bathroom already. I commented that I wish they had a chair in the bathroom so I could sit and relax a moment and then I said “she is being a little bit of a stinker tonight” The woman said “Oh that’s her age showing!” I said “NO she is one of 3- 4 year olds that I have and she is showing her rude personality the other two do not do this” She then said “Oh, I don’t know what to say” I then said that I also have 2- 6 year olds and they were NOT like this at her age either. She just turned and got a paper towel and dried her hands that were not wet and walked a few steps towards a Big full length mirror. I then went into Stephanie and told her I was willing to let her go back to the table if she would stop this whining and stop this bad behavior. She said “yes Mama” and I held her hand. The woman was still in the bathroom when I came out of the stall with Stephanie. She did not walk out of the bathroom till after we went out! I felt like I was being watched the whole time. Grrrrrrrr

The rest of the Dinner went very nicely and all the children got to have ice cream with strawberries and chocolate sauce after the meal.

We went home and relaxed for the rest of the evening. WOW it’s been 13 years already. I just can’t believe it.


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