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I have been married for 20+ years. We have twins and triplets.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Never was but also no longer a SAHM

I have never liked the term SAHM. It makes me think of a Mother that never gets out of the house. That was not us and still is not.

I was a so called SAHM for 8 years. After getting pregnant with my twins in 1998 I was ordered to stop working at about 7 months along. For the next 8 years I was a "SAHM" that was not at home very much. How could you be home all the time with 5 children.

Well, now that all my children are in school. The triplets started kindergarten last year. I am working full time. I have been a WOOHM (just made that up. It stands for Working out of home Mom). I found a job that I can work at over nights while my husband and children sleep. I sleep while they are at work and school. This way if one of my children gets sick I will be here (at home) for them and not have to miss any work. It is working out well for us.


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