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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A visit to Aunt Nancy's

Yesterday morning Aunt Nancy called and invited us over for lunch. Of course we said yes right away.

We had a good visit. We all had baked Mac n cheese and played some games in her living room. This was Katherine and Jennifer’s first time playing Mrs. PAC-MAN. They had a lot of fun. I got high score though (Aunt Nancy did not play and if she did we all know she would have gotten high score)

After that we went outside to see if we could find any fish in the pond. I think we scared them all away. It was a nice spot to take some pictures though. They played ball on the lawn and then we were told by a neighbor that there was a bees nest in the tree Katherine was standing near. We then decided to head over and check out the new changes that were made to the Church playground. We did not need anyone getting stung by a bee.

The playground was beautiful! The children went wild on the equipment. They climbed the rock wall, balanced on the bridge, loved the slides and hung on the monkey bars. I am amazed at the strength they all have in their little bodies. Christina hung from the monkey bars many times and had no fear. They all had great balance and strength in their legs.

While there Bumpa showed up and brought us all out for ice cream. It was yummi. We had a wonderful time visiting with Aunt Nancy.


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