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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Urology appointment(s)

Stephanie had her urology appointment today at 1:00. I had forgotten about the appointment when I said yes to a friend about watching her daughter for today. I was up way earlier then usual. I got up at 5:45 and she dropped her off at 6:15.
So, all 6 children and I went off for a little trip to the Dr. You should have seen us all in the tiny exam room. We were the entertainment for the nurses today. The exam room was a tight fit but the bathroom was even tighter. When the Dr asked me to get a urine sample from Stephanie they all said they had to go Pee. That bathroom was tiny. They all wanted to use the electric hand drier and then they all wanted to fill back up with a drink from the water bubbler outside the bathroom.They were all GREAT though and each got 3 stickers from the front desk

Stephanie is back on her medication. I had taken her off it myself at the beginning of Summer. I just did not feel good about her being on it in the Hot Summer Sun with a warning on it to stay out of sunlight. They are testing her for an infection. I do not think she has one. Her urine has been clear and she has not said she has any pain. The Dr said that she may need to get the operation to fix the reflux if I do not keep her on the medication. I asked why if she is not getting infections? and he kind of did not know what to answer. I then said wouldn’t she just need the operation if she is getting infections and her kidney is getting damaged? He agreed with that but said that he really wants her to be on the med. I agreed and he wrote out a new script.

The Dr was nice and looked into Katherine’s file also for me and answered a few questions. She has not been on her med for day time wetting all Summer and she is doing very well without it. I told him how she is still wetting at night and he wrote out a script for her a Med that will reduce the amount of pee she produces at night. I am NOT excited about this med and what it will do but if it helps her I guess it is good. She will be on it for 3 weeks and if it works then we will keep her on it if not the dose needs to go up. I am not sure if we will increase it in 3 weeks but we will see.

The med Katherine is on is called Desmopressin her daytime med was blue and only 1/2 a pill this is a larger white pill and she has to take the whole thing. The Dr said it would actually cause her body to reduce the amount of pee it made. Thankfully she is good with bribery. When we dropped the script off she saw this cute little plush kitten with magnets in it's paws. She really fell in love with it quick. We had to put it back though when we left the store. Tonight when I went back for the Meds I got the kitten and gave it to her on one condition, she had to take the pill and then she could play with her for a 1/2 hour. She was so excited and I am so impressed with her. She took the pill on the first swallow of water. She told me “I thought I was scared BUT I’m not a scarty cat no more. I’m a big girl”


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