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Monday, July 14, 2008

Their NEW room is done!

We decided that the girls needed a bit more space than what they had. They were sharing a room downstairs with two bunk bet sets. Katherine was above Stephanie and Jennifer was above Teeny. The room was an okay size but the older two had to always climb up to get into bed and it was a pain to make the top bunks.

We moved the girls into our room (we were calling it the master bedroom). It is a nice size about 18x20. Enough space for them all to have their beds at the same level and we moved our room into what we were calling the playroom. It is also a good size about 14x16. Now the girls old bedroom is going to be the "play room". We are not exactly sure how we are going to set it up yet.

This is a view of all 4 beds

The girls love their new space. We went to the dollar store and got some great sticker sets to decorate above each bed and to put their names on their headboards. I did the names and we did the walls above their beds together.

The decorated headboards click image to view larger

Stephanie & Teeny Katherine & Jennifer


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