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Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Finally an update

Have not posted in a while. Life is busy.

YEAH! it's vacation time. Thankfully the Co. I work for approved my 1 month vacation again this year. They were nice to approve it last July also.

We plan to do lots of day trips to the water park, the beach and a relatives pool and a trip to an amusement park later in the month. We might get in a 2 night camping trip but that may not happen.

Everyone was promoted to the next grade. Katherine and Jennifer will continue to stay separated as they enter the 4th grade and the triplets have decided to separate also now that they are entering the 2nd grade. They are excited about the idea of having their own teacher and building friendships on their own.

Fun updates to follow as time permits.


Blogger NAN said...

Hey Che, Love all the pictures and stories you wrote along with them. On a cold night it warms me to see all of the outside fun in the pool. Thanks for sharing them and I hope to see some Winter snow fun in the year 2009.
Love you all, Your sister,
Aunty Nan
Ps. Can I share it w/family?

7:45 PM  

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